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Thread: Bonjour IP Utility - find IP camera on your network

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    Bonjour IP Utility - find IP camera on your network

    Can the Bonjour IP utility be used to find any IP camera on your network? I picked up 3 used Honeywell HD Equip dome cameras and they came with a micro disk with a utility program called Bonjour. Bonjour was installed to help me automatically find these Honeywell HD3MDIP cameras on my network. Once I had changed some settings in my NIC card, Bonjour detected the three Honeywell HD Equip cameras automatically. That made it easy to determine the existing IP addresses in each camera from a previous installation, and set them into my video surveillance system.

    My question is this: Can Bonjour be used to find or interrogate ANY manufacturers IP camera on a network for discovery?
    I have not seen this program before. When I launch it, it is prepopulated (although grayed out) with Honeywell Video IP camera part numbers.

    A quick google search makes it appear that Bonjour can auto detect other manufacturers ip cameras on your particular network. Does Bonjour work with other IP camera brands.

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    Bonjour IP Utility is a service discovery tool / protocol that Apple invented. Bonjour is one of several utilities that IP camera manufacturers use to aid in finding most any IP camera on your network. Some manufacturers create their own specific utility to do this. It is especially useful when you have many ip cameras on a network or searching for a rogue IP camera on your network whose IP address is unknown to you.

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    Thanks, after reading this post, I figure I can use Bonjour for other network things too., not just cctv ip cameras/

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    Yes Bonjour works as a good discovery tool. If you got Bonjour from Apple directly. If it came with your camera or NVR, it may have been modified to only discover that one brand if ip camera.

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    The Bonjour IP utility is cool, but I seldom mix ip camera brands at all. If I am installing Axis, I use the Axis camera utility. I like it because it will discover IP cameras on different subnets. I can even change the IP and other admin parameters of the cameras from this utility. Other brands also have their own built in or separate software based utility to make it easier to find and address all ip cameras on your network.

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    I do not know of any one utility that will find every and any brand of IP camera on your network, without fail. Can anybody quote otherwise?

    If there is one, I would still use the particular manufacturers utility that I am installing as they do much more than just locate the IP cameras.

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